Consultancy Services

Sometimes, a little help from a professional can make the biggest difference towards your success. As industry-leading consultants, we’ve witnessed the positive impact our services have had on many diverse families.  Parents are informed and more confident and the children are happier and ready to succeed.

Child Raising Consultancy

Having taught children from birth to adolescence for over 30 years (along with her life experience and Master’s Degree in Education) Amanda can advise you on how to traverse your current life challenges with your little one/s.

Children go through so many changes in such a short time, it’s great to know that you can get individual advice.  Amanda can also give you direction on professional expertise options such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, psychological assessment and the benefits that these professionals can provide your child.

Schooling Consultancy

Having been part of the schooling system for over 20 years and working with children for over 30 years we have the expertise to help you source and understand what is involved in the different types of schooling options according to your situation.

Education Consultancy

Amanda provides advice on all educational needs, from what is expected at your first school, to choosing just the right school for your families needs as well as dealing with school related bad behaviour. Amanda’s experience in teaching children has given her an insiders unique perspective in getting the best out of your school experience and expectations of your little one/s, the other parents, teachers and the school.


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