Practical Parenting Essentials – Now we are 4.

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Practical Parenting Essentials – Now we are 4. Tips on the next 12 months and how to stay calm during this adventurous tiring growing stage.

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This course get’s you ready for the next 12 months of your little ones busy lives and how to keep a calm and focused home life.  During this year you will encounter many interesting times, some will give you great stories for their 21st and others you will want to keep to yourself for a little giggle or cry.  This course covers topics such as socialisation, discipline, development, language development, ready for reading, maths concepts, activities, art and craft as well as tips on how to make kindy experience a success.  All the essential info you need to keep calm during this exciting fun-filled adventurous time of life.  I hope you enjoy it.


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