Benefit of Art and Craft for children

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Benefits of Art and Craft

I remember the look on the face of my kids when they accomplished a fantastic painting. My adventure in art and craft started with painting, when my first little girl took a fork and pretended to paint at 18 months. So, I got some poster paints, which I bought from an art supply shop, an art easel, paper and off she went. She painted 20 paintings in 10 minutes. It was so cool to see her smile and enjoy the different colours. As she got older, the detail in the paintings started, I could recognize shapes and then people emerged. She started formal art classes at 5 and loved every second of them. So why should we put up with all the mess. Actually, it is very good for lots of academic reasons.

Some of these include,

1.   Math (shapes, spacial awareness, geometry, numbers),
2.   Fine motor control (writing),
3.   Science (procedures and mixing colours)
4.   Attention to detail.

And some not so academic reasons but really important;
1.    Self confidence
2.   Self worth
3.   Perseverance
4.   Creativity and Imagination

It’s not just painting though. Drawing, beading, threading, gluing, glittering, folding paper, paper construction (cards), and knitting, wool craft, sewing, play dough, and clay are also great.

If you are looking for ideas you can find them on some facebook sites and youtube such as craft for fun, or 5 minute craft for kids. TV shows and internet sites such as Art Attack, ABC Kids, Playschool, and even going to Spotlight is great to find out ideas. You will need some supplies. There is a long list but here are some basics to get you started:

Poster paint          Paper            Scissors        Glue       Pencils       Pastels               Watercolours        Brushes         Beads          Glitter     Wool          String


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